Estoy terminando de leer “How to be Parisian wherever you are * Love, Style and Bad Habits” de Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, Caroline de Maigret y Sophie Mas.

Hace unos meses lo compré en El Péndulo de zona rosa, en una quincena que decidí irme por libros y gastar en algo más cultural. No tienen idea de lo divertido que es este libro. En verdad es una joya. Desde el título me llamó muchísimo la atención.

Sí quieren reírse un poco sobre las chocoaventuras de una true parisina este libro les va a encantar. Es un libro muy sencillo de leer, y si son constantes lo van a terminar en tres días.

El formato me encantó , el diseño editorial es muy lindo. Y tiene frases y capítulos muy entretenidos.

Les comparto unos fragmentos del libro, que verdaderamente me llegaron.


“Once you reach a certain stage in life, you have the face you deserve” . Coco Chanel wasn´t one to mince her words and her cruelty was legendary. Nevertheless, in the collective Parisian psyche, a few things ring true. In the street, at a café, on the bus, a person`s face can tell a story, like a crystal ball that reveals the past. Happy or long-lost loves, births, hopes and victories, successes interwoven with twists of fate, Experiences, and the ways in which we change, become our visual identity. Everything is laid out for the world to see. We are either born lucky, with a face that suits us. Or not. But life often rights wrongs. The pretty girls who were queen bees in high school, who had everything handed to them on a platter, and rested on their laurels, are eclipsed by the ones they never se coming, the ones who turn their difference into an asset, a trademark. And like any good vintage, they get better with age. And these women have learned the immutable facts: swimming against the current gets you nowhere, you must go with the flow. Better to look your age than look no age at all. By now we´ve learned that relying on excessive plastic surgery ages you more than real life.. Sure, some women sometimes master the art of Botox, but most of the time, let’s be honest: instead of a face of wrinkles, what you really see is the face of fear. Parisian women never try to appear to be something other than what they are. In truth, more than wanting to look young- which is but a fleeting illusion- they want above all to become the best possible version of themselves, outside and in, at any age. In their mind, a single rule outweighs all others: enjoy the face you have today. It’s the one you`ll wish you have ten years from now.


Take the time to talk to the elderly lady next door, to read a book, to walk to work instead of riding the subway when it’s a beautiful day. Take time to escape for a weekend with friends. Take time to listen and to get to know yourself. Take the time to change, to grow, to rest. Take the time to say yes, take the time to say no. Take the time to be quiet.Take the time to look after your body, to eat well. Take the time to ask yourself who you are and what you want.

Take the time to take time because nobody else will do it for you. And don’t forget to daydream in the bath, just like when you were little.